Rennwagen MK7 GTI Rear Diffuser
Rennwagen MK7 GTI Rear Diffuser on Reflex Silver
Rennwagen MK7 GTI Rear Diffuser on Reflex Silver
Rennwagen MK7 GTI Rear Diffuser on Reflex Silver
Rennwagen MK7 GTI Rear Diffuser on Black
Rennwagen MK7 GTI Rear Diffuser Badge

Rear Diffuser [VW (MK7) GTI]

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Rennwagen Rear Diffuser (MK7 GTI)
Looking for a way to spice up the back end of your MK7 GTI? Look no further! Subtle, but not uninspired, our Rear Diffuser is a beautiful addition to the aesthetic of the rear OEM valance. Precision crafted and welded, it brings the OEM plus look you've been searching for.
  • CNC Laser cut Aluminum for precision fitment (+/- 0.003”) that follows the radius of the factory bumper
  • Texture black powder coat finish to blend with OEM trim
  • Hard mounts to OEM chassis 
  • Uses Stainless Steel Bolts/Nuts (No self tapping screws!)
  • EASY installation, no removal of OEM valance or bumper!
  • Shares pre-existing holes on OEM bumper
  • Does not interfere with OEM or aftermarket exhaust systems
  • No visible hardware when installed
  • Made in the USA!



  • Rennwagen MK7 Rear Diffuser
  • Black Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Rennwagen Decal
  • Rennwagen Air Freshener
  • Installation Guide

Installation Guides


Compatible with:

Pre-facelift VW GTI

DOES NOT FIT MK7.5 (Facelift) GTI


Why Aluminum and not Plastic?

That's a great question! First of all, Aluminum is far more durable than plastic. Besides looking and feeling more premium than plastic, aluminum is also better at conducting heat. Plastic on the other hand, gets soft when it warms up. This results in heavier scratches, gouges, and possibly worst of all (for us car people anyway) it warps. Environmentally speaking, Aluminum can withstand longer-term use and makes it perfect to be reused or repurposed (almost infinitely). In fact, about 75% of Aluminum ever made is still in use today! When looking from an environmental standpoint, plastic is much more hazardous than aluminum.